Silicone is making way for
manufacturing miracles
Silicone is a versatile and durable material made by heating silica pebbles to extract raw materials, which are then cured with a catalyst. Derived from sand, a natural component, it is a reliable choice that can maintain its original shape and withstand extreme environments, making it a highly sought-after and versatile kitchen staple.
how we are differentNot all silicone is the sameOur products are made with platinum-cured, food-grade fumed silicone. Fumed silica is a premium, high-end material used for medical products. Most silicone products in the market are made with wet silica and peroxide.
Premium fumed silica
Premium fumed silica is a superior option for high-quality products, with higher purity levels. Choosing premium fumed silica ensures products free of impurities and contaminants.
Toxin free
BPA / PVC / Latex / Phthalates free
We use platinum-cured silicone that is safe as it contain no toxins, making it suitable for medical supplies like artificial organs.
LFGB / FDA Certified
Our products are LFGB/FBA certified, with LFGB being the strictest European safety standard.
FDA-designated color pigment
We use FDA-designated color pigments for ultimate safety and color retention, ensuring our products maintain their original colors even after use and exposure to light.
Heat/cold resistant
The double-thick walls offer heat insulation and durability. The products maintain physical properties from -40 to 392°F and have a slow-to-heat surface that's comfortable to hold.
Non-stick surface
We applied special etching treatment to the surface to prevent dust and water droplets from collecting. This detail ensures easier surface cleaning and maintenance.
SustainabilitySilicone is a sustainable substitute for plastic and micro-plastics that offers numerous environmental benefits. Made from natural resources like sand and quartz, it's a more abundant and readily available.
NO MICRO-PLASTICSSilicone doesn't produce micro-plastics that can harm marine life and human health.
DurableSilicone reduces packaging waste and eliminates frequent replacements that helps minimize the waste generated.
RECYCLABLESilicone can be melted down and used to create new products, further reducing its impact on the environment.
Care & CleaningOur products are crafted with safety and sustainability in mind, utilizing materials that do not produce any environmental hormones. However, it is crucial to handle them with care to ensure longevity.
UNSCENTED DISHWASHING SOAPUse unscented soap with a soft sponge as scented soaps may leave behind scent residues on the product.
Deep CleaningFor tougher stains or odor residues, oven bake at 350°F for 10 minutes or boil in a water and vinegar mixture. Ensure that the product floats in the mixture to avoid deformation due to direct contact with the fire. After boiling, lightly wash the product and dry it under the sun.
PrecautionWith just a few simple precautions, you can keep products in top shape for years to come. Here are some easy tips you can take to help keep your products in top shape:
darker colored foodTo prevent discoloration, wash right after use, especially if you've used them with darker colored foods such as beets.
Sharp utensilsUse smooth-edged utensils to prevent tearing and crevices that can lead to fungal growth.
Direct contact with fireNo direct contact with fire - gas stove, induction stove, and open flames to avoid warping or melting.